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About the College Transcript

There are 3 ways of getting my college transcript information:
 • Direct from the web at . This is the official method. If you use the paperless method, it involves a total fee of about $12.25 and a day or two wait. What you get is a single pdf document that contains the transcript document and a legend ("key") document explaining the transcript. I have extracted each of those documents and posted them on this page.
 • You can use the copy I purchased. It and the key are posted to this page for you to download.
 • Using screen shots, I made a copy of the transcript and put it into pdf form (Bowden-FPC-Transcript-copy.pdf). The result is a more convenient form with the same appearance as the original.
If you are using an original, either from this webpage or a copy you purchased yourself, here are some useful tips in opening those documents:
 • You may have trouble opening it in your browser. It is better to download it to your computer and open it with your Adobe Reader from there.
 • It comes with a surprise expiration date that's about 30 days from the time it was generated. The college and the transcript service don't advertise this, so I don't know the precise expiration period. But if the "Date Modified" listed is more than roughly a month ago, don't bother downloading it, the document has expired and is worthless.
 • Once you have downloaded it, it must be opened with a computer that has access to the internet. This is because it will go to to check the expiration date and for general Adobe Reader document access control.